the one thing that you need to know about us is that we're all about "keepin' it Real"!
real ingredients, real nutrition and real transparency!
this is one of our dog's, "luke"
our team consists of marketers, salespeople, product developers and a phd animal nutritionist.  
we feel that it is exceedingly important to have a doctor of nutrition on the team and every ingredient is purposefully chosen by our nutritionist.
A group of passionate "pet parents" who have had the rare opportunity to spend most of our careers in the pet industry. 
having had the chance to work with some of the biggest brands in the industry, we decided that it was time to step away and launch a brand that is healthy for dogs but also affordable and convenient for their parents.
we believe that these things don't have to be mutually exclusive.
our quality and depth
who we are
selling directly to you not only saves you money but it also cuts down on:
- fuel use
- emissions
- packaging
- plastic bags
- Electricity (lights & air conditioning in stores)
- your time
in addition to that, we offer our treats in a 3-pack bundle which reduces the amount of packaging materials and fuel required per unit.
our goal to be planet friendly
with only 12 recognizable ingredients, veggie bites® are 100% natural and delicious! 
they are also excellent for dog's with allergies because they do not have animal proteins or any artificial ingredients.
We know you care about what goes into your dog's snacks as much as we do so we wanted to pull back the curtain a bit.
thanks for taking the time to find out who we are, what we do and why!
healthy for them, easy for you

© 2017 

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